Local Area

Iseo Lake is the seventh longest lake in Italy and fourth in the Lombardy region. It was formed by glacier. The rocks around the lake, shaped and eroded by glaciers, formed 230 to 70 million years ago while, as a result of the gradual withdrawal of the glaciers, the lake acquired its present shape. Within the lake stands the largest lake island in Europe – Monte Isola with height of 600 m. On the top the island is perched the sanctuary of the Madonna of Ceriola.

Monte Isola and its fishing villages such as Peschiera Maraglio, Sensole, Carzano, Siviano, Cure, Menzino still preserve the charm of times past.
All this is enriched also with elements of considerable historical significance. Towns such as Iseo, Sarnico, Lovere, Pisogne and Monte Isola with the sanctuary are only the top most important places adding merit to the entire region which is worth visiting and seeing in detail. The moderate climate provides conditions for excellent vacations in any season and the continuous breeze is perfect for those enjoying sports, sailing a sailboat, windsurfing, paragliding and hand-gliding; this is also an ideal location for those wishing to rest and relax in natural surroundings.

The Clunic monastery of St. Peter in Lamosa and the National Park of Sebino Peat Bogs. The former monastery is situated in the vicinities of Provaglio d’Iseo behind the state road which leads to the lake. From the height of its location (rising on the top of a height which is part of the morainic amphitheatre of Sebino) the building dominates the bog areas of the Pit Bogs where it derives its name from. The construction of the church commenced in the middle of the 11th century but continued in the next centuries until the 14th century.

Its structure underwent many transformations and repairs which have modified its initial Romanic shape and is now predominant only in its interior. This spot offers a treat for eye as from here opens a vista to the entire Natural Reserve and the Iseo Peat Bogs – marshy area which has become a natural oasis for the mating of various bird species.

The ecological significance of this area is so enormous that it has been included in the Wetlands of international importance protected by the Ramsar Convention which was signed by many European countries.

The Pyramids of Zone are erosion formations. This rare natural phenomenon which can be found at just a few other places in the world has been formed due to the action of water on a morainic area on a steep slope. This is an ideal destination for passionate nature admirers and mountain sport fans. Thanks to its perfect climate location which is influenced by the lake underneath the locality provides nice conditions for a stay during summer and winter.

Franciacorta Cellars:  Bella Vista, Barone, Pizzini, Antica Fratta, Ca’del Bosco, Cavalieri, Ferghettini, Fratelli Berlucchi and others.